Every organization needs an advocate. Our public affairs branch exists to be that advocate for pregnancy resource centers in the midst of intense media misrepresentation, political apathy, and cultural misunderstanding.

Public Affairs encompasses government relations, legislative affairs, media relations, and outreach. We offer media training and content creation (news releases, podcasts, op-eds, etc.) to help your organization communicate its heart to the world in times of triumph and difficulty. Additionally, we team up with legislators to secure resources that support the vital work of Pregnancy Health Centers.

Government Affairs

Did you know that every year, significant amounts of state government dollars are allocated to programs promoting alternatives to abortion? Organizations around America should be actively working to partner with their state governments to receive funding to market services related to abortion alternatives. A primary function of Choose Life Coalition is to help you partner with your state government to extend your reach.

Ambassador Program

In efforts to partner with state legislatures, we have an Ambassador Program that serves as the bridge between a pro-life organization and the state government. The Ambassador Program consists of highly-connected individuals who bring organizations promoting abortion alternatives together with state legislatures.

Media Training

In a day and age where abortion is a primary topic of conversation on major news networks, pro-life organizations often participate in media conversations on local and national levels. Choose Life Coalition’s Public Affairs Initiatives comes alongside pro-life organizations to help leaders overcome media hesitation.


Dear Jane

The Dear Jane Podcast exists to inform the pro-life conflicted demographic and to equip the pro-life committed demographic. This podcast will serve as a platform that hosts challenging conversations about the sanctity of human life. Our team will engage in conversations with a wide variety of leaders with various backgrounds to offer our audience multiple perspectives regarding the abortion conversation.


The Zoe Podcast exists to interact with Generation Z about the abortion conversation. Generation Z is hungry for knowledge and justice. We understand that abortion is a topic that Generation Z is not shying away from. We desire to answer the most difficult questions Generation Z has regarding the sanctity of human life.