Choose Life Coalition serves as the unifying thread between various life-protecting brands and initiatives. Through each of our efforts, our priority is to Reach Her – the abortion-minded woman.

We are committed to bringing hope, light, and life to the women facing unexpected pregnancies in our nation and throughout the world. We believe that when women are empowered with impactful resources, they will be equipped with the confidence necessary to choose life.

Needs of the Pro-Life Movement

The emotions and fears stemming from an unexpected pregnancy are real and weighty. Choose Life Coalition understands the deep and urgent needs of these women, and we exist to meet those needs. They need tangible resources, hopeful confidence, and an uplifting community. Through a unified effort to Reach Her, Choose Life Coalition exists to meet these needs of women in America and around the world.

Brands and Initiatives Meeting the Needs

Choose Life Marketing

Strategic Marketing Services Offered to Pro-Life Organizations

Choose Life Adoptions

Strategic Marketing Services Offered to Adoption Agencies

Choose Life Promo

Promotional Materials That Further The Mission of Pro-Life Organizations

Public Affairs

Equipping Pro-Life Organizations in Government Affairs and Public Relations Efforts

The Impact of Choose Life Coalition

Choose Life Coalition exists to bring unity to the pro-life movement. Every initiative under Choose Life Coalition serves a specific function and purpose while expecting distinct life-saving results. We believe the deep needs of women facing unexpected pregnancies can be met with a unified movement of love. Through the transformational work each Choose Life Coalition brand and initiative performs, women are empowered and babies are saved.