Who is Jane?

Jane Roe was the anonymous name and face behind one of the most disastrous Supreme Court decisions in our nation’s history. She was manipulated, lied to, and used to promote the deadly agenda of abortion on demand with no apology or explanation.

Jane’s Revenge is a domestic terror group wreaking havoc on pregnancy centers and organizing protests against pro-life organizations. After the Dobbs decision leaked in May of 2022, this group organized to try to manipulate and pressure Supreme Court justices to reverse their decision and to try to intimidate pro-life groups into shutting their doors.

Though Jane is anonymous, we see her. We see her questions, her passion, and her quest (though misguided) for justice and equality.

Dear Jane

This podcast brings together pro-life leaders and individuals of all stripes to have meaningful conversations about the issue of life.

How do we tackle the massive injustice of abortion while keeping the abortion-minded woman at the forefront of our considerations?

How do we hold heartbreak, anger, and compassion close to our hearts to minister to everyone impacted by abortion?

How do we work with others with whom we differ ideologically on every other issue except the issue of abortion to promote a culture of life?

These are just some of the questions we wrestle with on our Dear Jane podcast.

The other side only wants to highlight our differences, but we want to talk with people in the movement about what unites us. Dear Jane focuses on the one thing we can all agree on: the sanctity of every human life.

Dear Jane will host the hard conversations, ask the tough questions, and acknowledge our differences while always keeping in mind our shared beliefs.

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