Choose Life Promo is dedicated to changing and saving lives. By delivering promotional items to pregnancy resource centers, we aim to deliver a message of hope and truth to women who are unexpectedly pregnant. Ultimately, our goal is to save more lives from abortion. This mission is close to our hearts, and we are happy to work with other pro-life organizations with the same goal.


Choose Life Promo provides video, apparel, and other promotional materials to help pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations further their life-saving mission. We believe in approaching every process with truth and integrity. We design and create messaging and materials for women facing unintended pregnancies, supporters of the pro-life mission, and target audiences of pro-life organizations.

Our items showcase our understanding of the pro-life community and our passion for furthering the goals and values of the pro-life mission.


We use our expansive expertise to create items that accomplish two primary goals. First, we design items that are eye-catching so people will notice and like them. Second, we ensure that our promotional materials are rich with accurate information created especially to reach women in need of support.

With our promotional items, we aim to help you inform abortion-vulnerable women about your pregnancy center so they are able to receive the help they need. Ultimately, we are hoping to assist fellow pro-life organizations in empowering women to choose life.